The purpose of this page is to provide resources for educators to use in the classroom. We will add info on apps for classroom activities, scientific articles, powerpoints, and much more. If you find something that you like, please send our way, and we will add to our list.


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Paleobiology Database Navigator

PBDB Navigator allows users to explore the Paleobiology Database through space, time, and taxonomy. We recommend that you watch a 5 minutes tutorial.


Mancos brings the geology of the United States to your iPhone. Tap the map, search by name, or use GPS to instantly locate yourself, show state-level geological maps, the geological formation and the regional stratigraphic column, all supplied by the servers at

Earth As Art by NASA

In 1960 the United States put its first Earth-observing environmental satellite into orbit around the planet. Over the decades these satellites have provided invaluable information, and the vantage point of space has provided new perspectives on Earth. This app celebrates Earth’s aesthetic beauty in the patterns, shapes, colors, and textures of… Learn more about this app from NASA site.

Lambert By Peter Appel

This app turns your iPhone (or iPad) into a geological compass, a tool for each geologist. It can be used to measure the direction of dip and the angle of dip of geological strata. The app shows the current device orientation in a realtime stereographic projection.


What did Earth look like 250 million years ago? Or 1 billion years ago? Or 4.5 billion years ago? EarthViewer is an interactive tool for tablet computers that allows you to explore the science of Earth’s deep history.