This page is dedicated to the learning of EVOLUTION and EXTINCTION of the giant shark Carcharocles megalodon. Here, you will find the information you need to find the specimen in a database, download and print the files, science lessons, math lessons, and rubrics. Our hope is that your students learn about what scientists do by mimicking their scientific process.

Ultimately, your students will be able to reconstruct a megalodon jaw and calculate the size of the animal. The availability of his jaw is made possible by Dr. Gordon Hubbell, who has donated the specimen to the Florida Museum for K12 purposes and by Dr. Bruce MacFadden who has approved ad funded this initiative. The reproduction of this jaw for commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Upper left and lower left teeth belonging to the same animal. Photo by Claudia Grant.


Step #1

Decide whether you would like to do this activity in 2D (photographs) or 3D printed. If you don’t have a 3D printer, look for places in town where you can print for a small fee (libraries, universities, or private industry). For 2D version, you will need a color printer. At the moment, this activity is only available in 2D, but we are working on the 3D files and will make available soon.

Step #2 Database Inquiry

Watch the following video to learn how to navigate and search the Florida Museum Vertebrate Paleontology Database:

(Insert here a video tutorial)

NGSS Science Practice: Analyzing and Interpreting Data

If you want to skip the database activity, move to step #3 and download all the teeth images. These files have been prepared at life size high resolution. Caution: do not change the dimensions of the files because that will alter the results of the estimated size of the animal.

Step #3 Download Images

Download Upper Jaw files (Zip 5MB)

Download Lower Jaw files (Zip 5MB)

The name of the file is descriptive:

VP: Vertebrate Paleontology
UF: University of Florida
311000: specimen number
lu: Left upper and the number following that is the position in the jaw.
ling: is an internal code


Step #4 Select a Lesson

  • Did Megalodon – the Largest Shark That Ever Lived – Need to Protect its Babies?
  • Other lessons will be available soon


Did Megalodon – the Largest Shark That Ever Lived – Need to Protect its Babies?

Students will predict, research, use and analyze data to draw conclusions about the habitat of Megalodon sharks. The important role the Gatun Formation, along the Panama Canal, has provided fossil evidence for scientist Catalina Pimiento and her research on Megalodon sharks.

Grade Level: Middle School (6-8)

Download Lesson

Student Handouts

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