1. Orientation in the U.S.

2-day orientation in the U.S.

Day 1: Travel day
Day 2: Orientation day
Day 3: Classroom visits (fly back at night or the next day)
*Possible field work

 The purpose is to:

  • Meet teachers who have been to Panama with us.
  • Learn about travel plans and logistics.
  • Learn about NGSS and Cross Cutting concepts and how they align with this professional development.
  • Learn about GABI.
  • Get an overview of the type of fieldwork to be done in Panama.
  • Classroom visits to see other teacher’s classroom strategies.

2. International Component in Panama

PCPPIRETeach (GABIRET Pilot) | July, 2012 and July 2013

GABIRET Trip to Panama | July, 2014

GABIRET Trip to Panama | July, 2015

GABIRET Trip to Panama | July, 2016

3. Wrap up meeting in the U.S.

Thursday to Sunday (Early December)
Location and exact dates TBA (Albuquerque, NM or Gainesville, FL)
Fieldwork in localities with similar fossils as those found in Panama
Teachers expected to present on outcomes (lessons developed in Panama, plans for classroom implementation)

4. Online Community of Practice

The CoP consists of blog posts (reflections) and Facebook posts
E-mail communications with the group sharing ideas, tips, or others
Skype and/or Adobe Connect meetings with individuals or with the entire group
Follow up with scientists and collaborators