“I wish I could be a paleontologist”

Bruce and Claudia,

I started teaching summer school today (grades 2/3).  The kids started last week with a substitute teacher, and so they were a bit unsure of me this morning.  I started telling them about my adventures for the past 2 weeks.  When the word “megalodon” was mentioned their mouths dropped!  They were so excited to hear about my paleo adventures.  I overheard two of the kids saying, “I wish I could be a paleontologist”.  I was able to tell them, “You can!”  “Not only can you become a scientist, but you can start hunting for fossils at our beaches today!”  Their faces beamed.


I want to thank you both for giving me this experience.  I know it is going to make me a better teacher.  I already have fossils on the brain- and this excitement is contagious in the classroom!
I really appreciate you taking a chance on me!
See you soon!

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