Day 6: Bella Panama

Another day and another adventure, and today we toured beautiful Panama.  Our adventure began with a canopy tour of the rainforest that was absolutely breathtaking. A massive crane lifted us into the rainforest while the sounds, sites, and smells of the rainforest enveloped our senses.  Atop the rainforest we were greeted with a 360 degree view of the rainforest.  Decorating the rainforest were butterflies, vibrantly colored birds, and an iguana.  As we looked out across the landscape we could see where the rainforest carpeted the perimeter of Panama City.  The experience was enchanting.
After the rainforest, our troop set out for Punta Culebra.   Punta Culebra charmed us with stunning beaches, slumbering sloths, massive iguanas, and colorful butterflies.  Though our stay at Punta Culebra was short and relaxing, it was teeming with attractions.  As we exited Punta Culebra we set out towards Ancon.  The road to Ancon meandered like a narrow river up a mountain.  At the very top we were met with a view of Panama City and the causeway.  A small walkway allowed us to explore some of the foliage and capture even more stunning views of the city.  Speckled within the foliage of the forest were spiders. . . . lots of spiders.  The amount of spiders in this particular area was fascinating.  Our stay at Ancon was like Punta Culebra: short but abundant with beauty.  Our next adventure was to Miraflores locks.


When we arrived at Miraflores locks we encountered a bit of snag in our plans; the boat that was supposed to go through the canal during the time of our attendance had canceled.  Nevertheless, our team made the best of it.  We had lunch outside at Miraflores locks and watched a storm pass through.

Our adventure closed with a night out in Casco Viejo (“old town”).   Casco Viejo roads are paved with vibrantly red bricks that tour through a city of decaying and new architectural masterpieces.  Our team strolled through a market place, admired the indigenous handcrafts, and purchased some mementos of the place.   We ended the night with dinner and dancing.


One could not have asked for a better excursion through Panama City.  The day was absolutely amazing.  Gracias GABI RET, and gracias bella Panama.

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