GABI RET – The North American Connection

DATES June 22 - June 25  (22 & 25 are travel days) Location: Gainesville, FL  PURPOSE  To understand the evidence for GABI in North America.  ACTIVITIES Field, laboratory, and museum paleontology, lesson plan brainstorming, pilot feedback. Travel costs included   All science teachers from K-12 are welcome to apply here:  Deadline: 05/10/2016 SPACE IS LIMITED Contact: Bruce MacFadden
GABIRET – The North American Connection.

Dear K-12 Educator–

We are sponsoring two days of fossil collecting for K-12 teachers to help us discover late Miocene (about 5 to 6 million-year-old) vertebrates at an exciting new field site in Florida. We are planning related activities at the museum, and also will give you the opportunity to discuss lesson plans. This is a “pilot” to determine the feasibility of this kind of field activity in the future.

Space is limited to a dozen K-12 participants. All travel, lodging and meals will be provided.

Participants will be selected based on information provided in the following application, which must be submitted by 10 May in order to be considered:

Decisions will be communicated no later than 13 May in order for you to plan, and for us to the arrange travel paperwork.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact me directly. We are very excited to share this opportunity with you!

Yours sincerely,

Bruce J. MacFadden
Distinguished Professor
UFRF Professor 2016-2018
Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology


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