A message from a role model

Michelle Barboza screen washing fossils with teachers Hanni Patterson, NM and Clay Reddick, fl. Photo by Megan Hendrickson.

Good morning, my friends!
I want to share some exciting news with you. As of last week, I have been hired as a STEM Ambassador at the CSUF Center for Careers in Teaching. The purpose of my position? To travel to high schools in Orange County to promote the study of STEM in higher level education, with emphasis on becoming a K12 educator of STEM.
I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to get back into the world of science outreach – a passion that I have developed thanks to my experience as a PCP PIRE intern. Before I began my internship last summer, I knew that I loved research, that perhaps I would like to become a professor, but I had not given much thought to public outreach. After meeting the GABI RET teachers, after our discussions at the All Hands conference, I not only realized the importance of science outreach, but the spark that had been ignited within me.  My involvement with the Panama Canal Project in the United States and in Panama has fueled my drive to work with the general public in order to be able to communicate to them importance of scientific research, and to make that research relevant, relate-able and not intimidating.
So, I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to thank you for sending me down this path. From your creation of the PCP-PIRE/GABI RET programs, to funding to visit Santa Cruz, to the passion you inspired in me – thank you!
Michelle Barboza



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