Punta Burica, Panama

cropped-img_3605.jpgOur trip to Punta Burica was set for Sunday 7/20. Our field guide, Carlos de Gracia, showed up very early at the hotel. As the coordinator for this project, seeing his face was a huge relief. Carlos is an experienced scientist who knows the area and the localities very well. His expertise was crucial for us to explore the area.

You can learn more about Carlos and his research interests here.

Space in the van was limited and with a small little backpack with clothes for 3 days, our adventure begun. Daniel, our driver, took all 14 of us in his van and while many of us had plans to sleep at some point during our 7 hour road trip, we soon realized that we didn’t have headrests. So, what do 14 people do when no one can sleep? We talked and listened to Panamanian music all the way to our first stop, the city of David.

In preparation for field work in this new locality, we read two articles that relate to Punta Burica:

Text by Lauriro

Burica article






One of the articles was in Spanish, but teachers were not intimidated by it. Instead, one of then (Laura) was inspired by the challenge and saw an opportunity to bring the experience to her classroom.

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