Science Speak: Volume 1: Catalina Pimiento

I thought I would share this video that Laura Beach (Soquel HS Bio) made with some help from Chuck Saltsman of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The artist on the banks of the Canal
The artist on the banks of the Canal

As we met one scientist after another, all from various points around the globe, we were struck by the incredible network of scientists that push the boundaries of what we know about the world. Each one of them had taken pieces of others’ research, questions, hypotheses, and data, and pulled them all together to develop their current investigations. The connections are overwhelming, and we all talked about this a lot. We wanted to capture it.

Laura is a very talented artist, so we left it up to her to display how just one scientist – Catalina Pimiento, who studies the extinction of sharks via megalodon fossils in Panama – came to where she is now. Pretty cool.

Laura’s Journal…wow!



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